May 18, 2017

Shop These Korean and Japanese Brands on Your Next Makeup Haul


Many would often relate Korean and Japanese beauty products to the weird contraptions that Internet personalities would test out. If the nose bridge and facial contour rollers ring a bell, you know what I’m talking about.

As recent trends would show us, people are now getting into Asian beauty. This is mostly rooted from people’s curiosity and fascination with Asians’ almost flawless skin. But this also opened beauty junkies to more makeup and skincare products to try. So we listed down a few Korean and Japanese brands that you should get your hands on.



Known for their pigmented eyebrow products, K-Palette has gained a cult following here in the Philippines as of late. Makeup artists have also used these on celebrities like Lauren Reid, Nadine Lustre, and Bianca King. Available at select SM Beauty stores.

Majolica Majorca

Majolica Majorca’s magical-looking packaging speaks true to its goal to “fulfill all the wishes” of women. And that is to look like the best version of themselves. Several beauty blogs have also raved about the brand’s mascaras that claim to make you look doll-like. So that’s enough reason for you to cop a tube of your own. Available at select Watson’s stores.


If you’re looking for a cruelty-free brand that caters to sensitive skin, Tatcha is the brand for you. Their makeup and skincare items contain ingredients and attributes that are distinct to Japanese culture like cherry blossoms and green tea. One look at their bestseller list, which is mostly skincare, and you’ll know that many are aiming for that healthy and flawless look. Available online.


Japanese makeup artist Rumiko created a line of products that will highlight one’s natural features. “Makeup is about making you feel happier, sexier and fresher. It’s not something that masks your natural skin. It exists as a factor to bring out the beauty within you,” she said. To achieve this, their Liquid Foundation and Makeup Base are highly recommended. Available on Beauty MNL.


発売20年目のロングセラー、カラースティックがリニューアル!「カラースティック モイストラスティングカバー」として、パワーアップして新登場☆ 密着力がUPしてヨレにくく、少量でもお肌のお悩みをしっかりカバー。密着・保湿・カバー力抜群だから、長時間キレイなお肌をキープしてくれるよ♡ クマ、くすみ、ニキビ跡、色ムラなど肌悩みをカバーするものからハイライト効果のあるものまで、お悩みや肌色別に選べる6色展開。SPF50+・PA++++、美容保湿成分配合なのもうれしいポイント♡ カラーは、旧カラースティックに対応しているから、愛用カラーも探しやすいよ♪ぜひチェックしてみてね♡ #CANMAKE #CANMAKETOKYO #キャンメイク #女の子って本当に楽しい #プチプラコスメ #メイク #コスパ #コンシーラー #ハイライター #カラースティック #カラースティックモイストラスティングカバー #イエローベージュ #ナチュラルベージュ #ベージュオークル #アプリコット #イエローゴールド #ナチュラルオークル #カバー力 #カバー力抜群 #密着力 #トーンアップ #保湿 #ヨレにくい #リニューアル #新商品 #新発売 #madeinjapan #makeup #concealer #highlighter

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Ever wanted that soft and minimalist makeup look that Japanese women like to do? Canmake can give that with their line of soft matte base and lip tints. All that’s left is to study how to make specific looks work for your style. Available at Landmark Makati.



A’Pieu is known for their cartoon character packaging and equally fun color selection for the lips and cheeks. However, their multi-functional air cushion pack is their claim to fame as it can serve as a CC Cream, highlighter, and sun protector. Available on Althea.


StyleNanda, Korea’s answer to H&M, came up with their own makeup line to match with their chic apparel. They have every product you need and they don’t skip out on the pigment. They’re especially known for their lipsticks, which come in all kinds of shades, from dark wine to bright apricot. Available on Sephora PH.


What makes Espoir  great is how it has so many dupes for high-end makeup items at half the price. Before getting the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, you may want to consider their Nude Liquid Powder Foundation instead. Available online.


From the creators of BigBang and Blackpink comes Moonshot, YG Entertainment’s first makeup line. They offer a wide array of makeup and beauty products that seek the “extraordinary in the ordinary.” This is especially seen with their Jelly Pot, a jelly-like cream shadow with either a pearl or matte finish. Available on Sephora PH.


Clio has been around since 1993 and they continue to produce professional quality products for the everyday person. Their Kill brow Tinted Tattoo comes with a kit that ensures you attaining perfect brows  to last. Available at TriNoma Mall.


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