April 21, 2017

The Preen-Approved Music Festival Kit

festival bag

My boyfriend and I have gone to a few music festivals together and he has since dubbed me as a Girl Scout. Granted, I was a Girl Scout in grade school but at least I’m always prepared for pretty much anything a festival throws at me. Packing the essentials in my bag gives me peace of mind. A worrier like myself needs some sort of organization and control amidst the unknown that is a wild music festival.

If you are going to your first festival, I have compiled a list of things you should have in your bag. If you’re a veteran, you might find some additional items that might just save your day.

The basics

It is best to start off with a bag that will keep your hands free. Stick to a small backpack or even a string bag to carry all your things. For extra organization, have a small pouch ready wherein you can keep your wallet, ID, and other small items.


 Clean up the mess

At a festival, going to the bathroom is not the best experience. Having wet wipes, toilet paper pulls, alcohol, and toilet seat covers can make the situation more bearable. I suggest a big pack of wet wipes and several packs of toilet paper pulls, especially if you are camping on the festival grounds.


Brave the weather

Check the weather situation in advance so you have an idea of what clothes to pack. However, it pays to be extra prepared. Pack a sweater because more often than not, it will get quite cold at night and you will need more than body heat to keep you warm. A cap is also very useful for different situations, when it’s windy, raining, and if your hair just isn’t cooperating with you.

Tip: Use a hook clip to fasten your cap to the strap of your bag for easy access. It will save you some space too.


Not the face!

I don’t know about you but my skin does not handle change well. A slight change in weather or temperature and it just cracks on me. Aside from putting on sunblock, I pack Evians Facial Spray in my bag. Why? It will keep my skin moisturized throughout the day and it has the added bonus of keeping me cool when it gets too hot. Windburn around the mouth can easily be avoided by applying some lip balm. So pack your favorite tube, and you’re set. Lastly, and maybe the most obvious, bring a pair of sunglasses. Preferably ones that you don’t mind losing or getting damaged.

Tip: Use a sunglass strap to keep your shades with you at all times and (almost) guarantees that you won’t lose them.


Health is wealth

Like with any trip, bring the medication that you might need if you have ones that are prescribed to you. Aside from these you can bring some essential ones like painkillers and antacid.


Bonus round

At some point during the festivities, you and your friends are going to want to relax for a while. This means copping a squat somewhere on the grass under the trees. For this, have a beach blanket or mat big enough for everyone. This also makes for some great photo opportunities. To fully immerse myself in the experience, I try not to use my phone during the festival. I’ll take it out and snap a few pictures but for the most part, it stays in my bag. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a power bank with you on the off chance your phone is about to die.


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