April 18, 2017

What’s on Khloé Kardashian’s Grocery List?


I always knew from the very beginning that Khloé Kardashian is the most relatable Kardashian sister of them all—and my point is proven based on what she shops in the grocery. It has variety with a touch of laziness (I mean, wait until you see Kendall’s). It’s only nine items long, but sans the Kardashian label, it’s just like my very own basket.

Khloé’s must-haves are as follows:

1. Fruits
2. Veggies
3. Smartwater
4. Bread
5. Eggs
6. Almond milk
7. Oreos
8. Maple-honey turkey slices
9. Flour

Can you imagine all the possibilities that you can make with this list? There’s French toast, smoothies, omelettes, turkey sandwiches, fresh-pressed juices, and of course, your regular Oreos dunked in milk, but this time it’ll be almond. You can even whip up pancakes!

Another almost relatable gal is actually Kendall Jenner with only five items on her list and it consists of bottled water (they seem to all live by it!), fruits, cereals, milk (to go with her cereals), and bread. But really, don’t you feel Khloé has more variety? Which reminds me, I have to do my own groceries for this week.

[Refinery 29]


Photo courtesy of Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram account

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