April 10, 2017

Animate Your Skincare Routine With These Emoji Face Masks


There are two things that I use on a regular basis: Emojis to make my posts and SMS much more fun and face masks for that much-needed radiance boost. So imagine my excitement when I saw Taiwan-based beauty brand Petite Amie release the best of both worlds.


They released six treatments under their new line. First off is my apparent favorite called the Cooling Masque featuring the red-faced angry emoji that helps calm and revitalize your skin. The Happy Masque is a hyaluronic acid face mask that provides a deep infusion of moisture; the Love Masque has organic rose that helps you achieve that glow; the Chilling Masque features cooling cucumber properties; the Scream Masque is an extra-lifting face treatment; and lastly, the Blush Masque helps ease inflammation on your skin.


Not only are these face masks cute, but they also help you target your skin concerns. Just look at these ladies who have them on—pretty fun to post on social media!

The masks come at $10 a pop and are available online, or maybe search for them in Sasa when you visit Hong Kong.

[Refinery 29]


Photos courtesy of Petite Amie

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