April 04, 2017

How Your Home Pieces Say a Lot About Your Personality

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Inside our homes, we can vouch that the little things do make a difference. Certain details in our house are unique to our personality and show our taste. The privacy of the home also offers no filter: what you have is who you really are. It’s then interesting to always visit someone’s home because you’ll see the little quirks and habits they hold dear.

Celebrities and influencers are no different. Casual posts about their usual activities give us a peek into their home life. In these posts, deliberate or not, we get to see the pieces that make their houses truly theirs. It makes then for an interesting tour. You can see how they vary in their choices and how home furnishings they choose to present on social media are indicative of their private lives, outside the roles they play and the image they put forward on-screen.

Heart Evangelista

Heart has established herself as an artist through her love for painting on Hermès bags. No wonder the plates from the luxury brand caught her attention as well and found their way to her tabletop.

Iza Calzado

Iza may be all fancy as she receives awards or does her endorsement appearances, but you can tell she’s also fun and funky to be with. Just look at her skull and bones throw pillows on an otherwise tame living room set-up.

Melissa Gatchalian

Favorite time of the day ✨

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Being a style blogger, Melissa Gatchalian knows what is photogenic or not. It shows even in her choice of cocktail equipment.

Georgina Wilson



A post shared by Georgina Wilson (@ilovegeorgina) on Jan 15, 2017 at 1:46am PST

This woman can pull off a full animal print dress during her pregnancy. It’s no surprise then that her shelves are giving us that mod feel through their colored glass panels.

Dawn Zulueta

Throwing it back old school, Dawn has appreciation for unique pieces that are indicative of some heritage and story. Just look at this novelty clock that features a moving bird inside.

Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen often documents her in-house “room service” that features a color-coordinated plate setting. Be it gold or red, Gretchen likes them with a little bit of order. Take notes for your breakfast meals.

Laureen Uy



A post shared by Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy) on Mar 16, 2017 at 8:34pm PDT

Traveling the world for a living can be tough. This is why Laureen puts stock into her choice of pillows. You need to rest well to work hard, right?

Nadine Lustre


  A post shared by Nadine L (@nadzlustre) on Jan 28, 2017 at 10:18pm PST

Inherent of the millennial culture Nadine breathes and lives in, are we really shocked she’s got a furry rug? It’s what makes or breaks a good floor flatlay.


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