March 27, 2017

Glitter Butts Are the Latest Beauty Trend You Need to Know About


Annoying summer things include sand sticking to your butt. It’s inevitable and part of your beach getaway so why fight it? Make it pretty! This is how the glitter butt trend came to be.

Makeup artists Mia Kennington and Sophie Moreno came up with the trend during a music festival. Mia has done a few looks on her Instagram. Those are the photos you have been seeing on your feed lately. Would you try it though? Nylon hilariously points out that the glitter and the sequins might cut into your flesh and the designs might get destroyed once you sit. So what really is the point of the butt glitter?




One thing is for sure though, it does make for a pretty Instagram photo.



Photo courtesy of Mia Kennington’s Instagram account


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