March 22, 2017

6 Things to Know Before, During, and After a Microneedling Sesh

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Would you dare prick your face with hundreds of needles if it meant you’ll have better skin? You’d think that question was lifted from a horror flick. But it’s not, thanks to a procedure called microneedling.

What this creates are creating tiny wounds in the skin which triggers new collagen to heal it. The result is having plump and younger-looking skin on your face, and also reduces scars and stretch marks on the body.

Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts swear by it. There are now also tools like the Dermaroller so you can do it at home. If you’re as intrigued as we are about this unusual treatment, we asked Eric Ho of Belo Medical Group on what we need to know about microneedling.

#1 Consult your doctor first

Before getting your skin pricked for the first time, Eric says you need to consult your doctor to see if microneedling can fix your skin concerns.

“First and the best [step] is to consult first with a doctor. This ensures that this treatment will be the most appropriate to address your skin needs. This is also critical if this will be your first time to do the treatment so you will have full understanding of its effects and its process.”

#2 It doesn’t hurt that much

You can breathe a sigh of relief now. The tiny needles are so fine that Eric compares them to hair strands. You won’t feel the pain that much. This also lessens the chance of your skin bleeding from the procedure.

“It may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s bearable. The needle device has very fine needles, and gentle to the skin. There is very minimal pain/discomfort at times. [But] for people with low pain tolerance, we recommend applying a topical cream.”

#3 Are there side effects?

“There is mild redness after the treatment which will subside after a few hours. And the patient can immediately continue engaging on his/her usual activities. ”

#4 Aftercare while your skin heals

Eric advises you to do these so you won’t have skin complications in the future.

“We usually give our patients a topical cream which will be applied for a few days. And we advise them not to be exposed to the sun for long period of time.”

#5 Multiple appointments are needed

 To achieve the best results for your face and body, Eric says that you need to have several microneedling sessions.

“We require that this be done several times to completely achieve the desired results. [However,] the number of sessions required will depend on the skin condition and most people will begin to see results after the procedure.”

#6 Don’t do it at home

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Contrary to what several beauty publications say, it’s not advisable to do at-home microneedling. Eric says it’s because that the tools used can’t penetrate the skin. Plus, you might badly wound your skin if you do it yourself.

“Professional treatment is the best option, most of the home devices would not penetrate the skin as much as a professional device can.[You] won’t get the same level of results.”


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