March 20, 2017

This Footballer Showed Us How to Ruin a Marriage in Less than a Minute

mohammed anas football 2

Here’s a laugh for this Monday morning: A Ghanaian football star accidentally thanked his wife and girlfriend in an interview. Let that sink in for a sec.

Mohammed Anas was awarded the Man of the Match title after his impressive performance at their match last Friday. His faux pas happened during his post-match interview. “Firstly, I appreciate my fans. [And] my wife and my girlfriend,” he says. You can also see him stumbling to save himself from the awkward situation. “I’m sorry, my wife! I love you so much from my heart.” (Eye rolls)

After watching that, you’d think the sweat on his brow is the result of nervousness and not a 90-minute match.

The video merited a few laughs from netizens. Journalist Gary Al-Smith also called it the “greatest MoTM speech of all time.”

You know what’s a better speech? Mohammed coming home and trying to explain to his wife that he’s totally not cheating on her.



Photo courtesy of Enter Ghana

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