March 16, 2017

Atom Araullo Has a Challenge for All Math Teachers Out There

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Just about everyone including your mom has been in the know about Pietro Boselli.  Tagged as the “world’s hottest math teacher,” we got to see him with our own eyes as he made rounds being the newest face of Bench. Included in the people who could not keep their composure around him: Isabelle Daza and Ellen Adarna.

One guy is left umimpressed and it’s resident cutie Atom Araullo. Amid the Pietro craze, he tweeted out how the title awarded to Pietro might just be too much. He even challenged other math teachers if they can give Pietro a run for his money.

It’s surely a light hearted jab from one good-looking guy to another. It also puts into perspective how the power of today’s media can catapult a man from anonimity to stardom. Pietro is the hottest math teacher… we know of as of the moment. Surely, there could be someone out there who is cuter and smarter, he just hasn’t hit out social media radar yet.

Also, Atom, don’t worry, Pietro hasn’t made us forget about how cute you are.


Photo courtesy of Inquirer Entertainment

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