March 13, 2017

What’s Cooking at Georgina Wilson’s House?


georgina wilson

Owning up to full wifey status is Georgina Wilson. She shared on her Instagram Stories what she’s been cooking in the kitchen.

First is a beef and spinach lasagna requested by her husband Arthur Burnand.

georgina wilson cooking

The review of the primary customer? “It’s incredible.”

Though she’s up for taking over the kitchen, Georgina still keeps to her diet. The celeb opted out of eating carbs for her dinner.

beef spinach georgina wilson

Gulp! If George isn’t eating carbs, that means I gotta get on my diet too.

This morning, it’s clear she’s on a roll with some chia seed pudding. Fairly easy to make and something we may have been snacking on also.

georgina wilson chia

I have a feeling that Solenn Heussaff and #SolennCooking will soon have a rival. One day, I won’t be suprised to see a nice food post on Georgina’s feed similar to how Solenn does it.

Photo courtesy of Georgina Wilson’s Instagram account

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