February 26, 2017

Body Shamers Can’t Stop Miss Canada from Enjoying Her Donuts

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Miss Canada Siera Bearchell earned her time in the spotlight for going after body-shamers and confronting how we expect beauty to just come in a certain size. She may not have walked away with a crown but she did capture the favor of many and continues to be a voice to change what we’ve been used to when it comes to beauty standards.

Apparently, she loves us back as she had to return to the Philippines in time for the launch of Tim Hortons. “I love how the people here are so warm and welcoming,” she says. It’s here that we got to have a #PreenPopQuiz with the beauty queen about donuts and the people who try to shame her for eating them.

What’s your favorite donut? 

Sour Cream Glazed. It’s also my guilty pleasure.

What gets you up in the morning? 

Coffee. (Laughs) Motivation-wise, well, I’m a law student and I have a lot going on right now so it’s exciting. It’s simply a passion for life. Whatever I’m doing in the moment makes me motivated.

How many cups of coffee do you have in a day? 

It depends. When I’m in school, I drink more coffee but usually, I just have one cup a day.

What’s a deal breaker when it comes to a man? 

Being rude, having no manners.

What do you usually eat? 

In the morning, I have a peanut butter and banana toast. For lunch, some chicken and vegetables. For dinner, maybe a tofu stir-fry.

How do you deal with bashers?

No matter what you do people will always criticize you and you just need to laugh it off. I don’t know what brings people to say the things they do. I want to encourage people to not make those comments rather than talk about how to deal with those comments.

What’s the funniest comment you’ve read? 

Someone told me that I was promoting obesity which is absolutely ridiculous.

What’s one perception about beauty queens you got wrong?  

That were airheads. We’re not. We’re intelligent women who have advocacies and passions.

Who was your best friend during the pageant? 

I don’t think I had just one. We were awesome. Miss Japan was my roommate, Miss Cayman Islands was great and so was Miss Barbados.

One thing people you want people to take away from your story? 

I am always promoting being confident in who you are, being comfortable in your own skin. We live in a world that promotes our  insecurities and focus on the things we should change, so try to be as confident as you can in being who you are.


Photo courtesy of Siera Bearchell’s Instagram account

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