February 02, 2017

5 Steps to Cook Like Solenn Heussaff

Solenn Heussaff’s Instagram feed is like an inspiration board. She works out regularly, goes to tapings as earl as 3 a.m., and paints for her upcoming exhibit. And yet, she still finds time to cook a meal at home. Just one look at the #SolennCooking thread and you’d want to try it out for yourself.

Before experimenting on her recipes, we’ve got pointers on how you can channel your inner “chef Solenn” in the kitchen. Go pen this down along to remind yourself that you can still cook even with a busy schedule.

#1 Get creative with veggies

In one of her posts, Solenn commented that she eats more veggies than meat. What she usually does is find other ways to cook veggies like a fake paella made with cauliflower and twirled baked kamote.

#2 Don’t be afraid to eat meat

@nicobolzico absent, so Solenn Bolzico the Greatest representing!

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You’re free to indulge on meat from time to time. Solenn once hosted a barbecue at their home where she grilled a big tomahawk steak. If you don’t like to go heavy, you can make them into strips like what she did with beef brisket.

#3 Experiment with different cuisines

Made myself Thai for tonight. #solennCooking

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From Filipino to Thai, make your meals more interesting by delving into various cuisines.

#4 Make a lot

Dinner time with the frenchies. #solennCooking #thefatkidinside

A post shared by Solenn Heussaff (@solenn) on

We all know that Solenn is married to Nico Bolzico and also goes to family gatherings. Sometimes you’ll see #SolennCooking posts joined with #TheFatKidInside who is her brother Erwan. Your friends and family would appreciate tasting your food, trust us.

#5 Serve with presentation

Every good meal has nice table setting and Solenn likes mixing printed placemats on her wooden table. She also like serving her meals on colorful plates or wooden chopping boards. Not only will it look good when it’s served, your Instagram photo will look pretty as well. Just go with what suits your mood or the occasion.


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