January 28, 2017

Miss Canada Was Told She’s ‘Larger’ Than Other Miss Universe Candidates

Miss Canada Siera Bearchell was asked about being “larger” than other Miss Universe candidates during a press junket.

In a Facebook post, Siera shut down body shamers who think that her figure isn’t ideal for pageants. “I was left almost speechless. I thought, ‘How does it feel to be myself? How does it feel to be confident in who I am? How does it feel to fulfill my dream of representing Canada on the Miss Universe stage? How does it feel to be a role model for so many young women who struggle to find someone to look up to? How does it feel to redefine beauty?’ My answer: It feels great.”

Later, Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz named Siera part of her top 5. But also noted that she “could lose eight pounds.”

The Miss Universe pageant should be a celebration of all beauty—both appearance and brains. Also remember that Siera is a runner, entrepreneur, golfer, and law student. She’s a smart and talented woman―who cares if her body doesn’t fit the conventional pageant mold? Likewise, the Miss Universe stage or any pageant is a good place to discuss changing the standards set on women, especially after movements like the Women’s March.

Nonetheless, kudos to Siera for advocating body positivity and not letting anyone bring her down. The pageant is just two days away after all.


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