January 26, 2017

Kate Hudson’s Fake Diet Doctor and Book Author, Arrested

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This is one modern-day horror story. Robert Young, the man behind a fake alkaline diet, has been arrested and could face up to three years in prison for illegal medical practice.

Robert, a man who purchased his doctorate degree online, created the alkaline diet on fake claims that certain foods raise the acidity levels in your blood and cause various health concerns. He even authored the book The pH Miracle. It seemed that the diet was true for a time, with even Kate Hudson citing it as one of the reasons behind her weight-loss and improved health at this year’s Golden Globes. Experts would easily tell you that food does little to disturb the pH balance in your blood stream thanks to your kidneys.

What gave Robert’s falsehood away is even more terrifying, however. He established the pH Miracle Ranch where he would scam cancer patients out of their money along with giving them baking soda intravenousely. In 2011, an investigation of the farm started as 15 cancer patients at the pH Miracle Ranch died. Robert even charged patients $550 for sodium bicarbonate drips. I’ll repeat that in more practical terms: He charged cancer patients a fee that could buy you a plane ticket abroad for baking soda.

Robert will be tried by the state and faces further charges from the families of his vicitims.

[Business Insider]


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

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