Our Favorite Protest Signs from #WomensMarch

When Barack Obama was inaugurated into office for the second time, Beyoncé sang the Star Spangled Banner.  When Trump was inaugurated, around 500,000 women stormed Washington D.C. in a #WomensMarch that sparked sister protests across the world up until Antarctica. Because girls run the world!

From direct to the point to painfully hilarious, women donned shirts and signs in protest of a president who only proved that he’s misogynistic and whose first agenda is to repel the health care act that protects reproductive rights.

If there’s one thing Trump didn’t see coming is how women of today aren’t stuck in the same era from which his current beliefs came from. Everyone who didn’t come to his inauguration was at the #WomensMarch, proving that we’re #StrongerTogether.

A few signs showed concern for the new First Lady.

Even men joined in to celebrate the nasty woman.

How do you like this meta-sign of Sir Ian McKellen of his bestie Patrick Stewart?

A few notable celebrities like Marcia Cross, Kim Catrall, and Katy Perry tweeted their participation in the march, along with musical acts Haim and Marina Diamandis

We particularly loved the reference to Mean Girls in these ones.

Spot fashion and beauty gurus Eva Chen and Emily Weiss joining in.

Now look how you got Tyra so mad.

Even kids are in on this!

One of the most important figures in our history is a woman, remember that Lady Liberty is #SHOOKT because of all of this.

And all Trump could do is hold a press conference, saying how the media misrepresented the numbers at his inauguration. Look who’s the soft, sensitive one now?

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