January 18, 2017

What’s the Secret of Instagram-Worthy Restaurants?

Social media buzz is a big factor in a restaurant’s popularity. Instagram-worthy places and meals have popped up which entice people to take that perfect photo before digging in. But what does it really take to be classified as such?

Looking at cafés and restos here, and even in Korea and Australia, we see good interiors and well-curated food. One glance at an ice cream swirl or a monster milkshake, and you want to try it ASAP. Consumed by Eater also observed the Instgrammable restos in Broome Street, NYC. With that, we listed some points which helped these restos get social media attention.

#1 A buzzing location
Of course, these restos don’t just depend on social media. They also need a good location where people can find them easily. In the case of Cha Cha Matcha in New York, they already have the advantage of the city’s busy streets. All they had to do was pick the right block. Oh, and don’t forget about how helpful geotags can be so other people can spot them in the future.

#2 Engaging customers

Tea For Two on A Gloomy Saturday

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Likewise, they also know how to catch their target customers’ attention. The owners of Cha Cha Matcha tells Eater that they capitalized on people’s love for matcha and soft-serve ice cream. That’s why they always post about their signature drinks and soft-serve to pull customers in.

#3 Curated feeds
Nowadays, people work hard to curate their feeds so it looks appealing. This is the same with restaurants and cafés. If you look at the feeds of Freezer Burn and even Starbucks, no post seems misplaced and you constantly see the products offered.

#4 Have photogenic interiors

table for two or just for you?

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Think of Sunnies Café and Le Petit Soufflé—almost every nook is screaming for a photo. Whether it’s taking a photo of a dish or a selfie, a good surrounding is key. This is also the reason why BLK 513 customers keep coming back to their leafy backdrop.

#5 The photo matches the taste
Another secret to have people come back? Make sure that the food photos don’t just look nice, but also taste good in person. A friend can attest to this when she tried one of the IG-worthy monster milkshakes which wasn’t up to par for her. So if the customers are happy with what they see and taste, then they’d most likely return for more.


Photo courtesy of Sunnies Café’s Instagram account

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