January 11, 2017

#DontTaxMyBeauty: Netizens Weigh in on Proposed ‘Vanity Tax’

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A party-list representative recently suggested that taxes should go on cosmetics rather than fuel. And to call out how ridiculous this is, netizens—both men and women—posted their sentiments with the hashtag #DontTaxMyBeauty.

This started when Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe suggested to reconsider the excise tax implemented on fuel products because it’ll affect daily life. He also adds that the people who can afford cosmetics are those who have the capacity to spend.

“Tax revenues from the beauty industry, if properly collected has the capability of surpassing even the sin taxes collected from tobacco and alcohol,” Batocabe said in a statement.

Netizens took to Twitter to express their qualms about the proposed “vanity tax,” calling it unconstitutional and just another way to shame women.


Some even noted how a few personalities evaded tax in the past. (*cough* Manny Pacquiao *cough*)

As of writing, #DontTaxMyBeauty is the top trending topic in the Philippines.

Makeup tax underlies a bigger issue as it implies that a woman should pay extra just to look “presentable” in the real world. This also exploits the fact that women can shell out money to buy cosmetics.

Let’s be real here: NO ONE should be taxed with using something that makes them feel empowered, much more makeup. It is not a vice that you should fine people for nor is it a money-making venture just because you don’t want to pay extra tax for your fuel.


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