December 06, 2016

Gretchen Barretto Proves You Can Eat Cake and Have a Hot Bod Too

There’s a new element on how to be living la vida Greta. Gretchen Barretto, known for rocking exuberant pearls and other designer goods, is now sporting killer abs and a bikini bod that will make you regret every cheat day you had.

If you didn’t notice how her Instagram is full of exercise clips, you’ve been missing out. Gretchen transformed herself to a woman who can do some serious leg curls with an exercise ball. When not dining out to eat some custard buns or sweets in Taipei, she’s working on her fitness like girls half her age.

So if you need a reason to get off your butt, here’s how La Greta does it.


#1 What’s a diet?

💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 coach @tekkitantecson

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No shade meant but Gretchen isn’t your typical fitness freak who posts meals with a precise amount of calories according to her blood type or heartbeat. She eats cake and isn’t ashamed to tell her trainer and doesn’t hold back on the #foodporn whether here or abroad.

#2 She can knock you out

Throwing punches seems so much better especially when you’ve earned a reputation on TV for giving a mean bitch slap.

#3 Kylie Jenner…who?

Hot spring 💋Taipei

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You know how Kylie talks about some mundanity in her life while holding her phone up and down to subtly show off her body? Gretchen can do that too. And she looks good.

#4 Sweating it off in style

9hours of deep sleep = AN INTENSE WORKOUT💪🏻 coach @ginozapanta

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Y-3 tops, and adidas NMDs are just a few things Gretchen has in her athletics closet. Because if you sport some heavy Jewelmer to casual dinners, do you really think she’ll work out in anything less?


#5 Do you even lift?

Because Gretchen does. She can also do squats while at it and finish it off on the stationary bike. All in the morning. I can barely lift my hand to make myself a coffee by the time she’s done.


Photo courtesy of Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram account

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