December 06, 2016

Why Leni Robredo Needs to Stay Courageous

leni robredo

In a recent statement after her resignation as HUDCC secretary, VP Leni Robredo speculates on our worst fears about a plot to replace her with Sen. Bongbong Marcos.

She also addresses how there are very clear indications that the said plot is in motion, or how at least, she’s being punished for her beliefs, especially after her strong statement against the #MarcosBurial. But true to her strong woman form she says, “Mayroon akong trabahong dapat gampanan, hindi ako pwedeing magpa-istorbo sa mga ibang bagay (I have a job to do and I can’t be bothered with other things.)”

Robredo confirms that on a recent trip to China, Pres. Duterte brought with him Sen. Marcos and introduced him as Vice-President. She also says how members of Marcos’ camp were already tweeting their good-byes to her on the night a text was sent to her indicating how Duterte no longer wanted her to attend cabinet meetings.

It’s simply outrageous how an administration has resorted to bullying Robredo to get what they want. The fact that she’s unafraid to address it directly and to say that indeed this is all looks like plan to oust her is a strong move on her end. A public and unblinking pronouncement of what’s been happening is something we haven’t really seen in many of our elected officials nowadays.

As Robredo tackles the issues head-on, her message is clear. “This is not a time for fear. It is a time for conviction. It is a time for courage.”


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