November 21, 2016

How Women Can Fight Back Against Online Harrassment

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John Molo, president of Harvard Club of the Philippines, along with a few other friends are offering up free legal services to victims of misogynitic rape threats from pro-Marcos supporters.

A recent thread reflects how male Marcos supporters/apologists have resorted to gross rape remarks to shame anti-Marcos supporters as their photos have been posted on social media following the #MarcosNotAHero rallies.

The thread has gone viral as it has been shared by people who are utterly disgusted by the remarks of these men. Some netizens have even shown how these men are utter hypocrites, writing about God in one status, only to comment how he wants to violate the unidenified female anti-Marcos rallyist.

Preen has reached out to Mr. John Molo and his colleagues but has yet to receive a reply as of posting. We will update once we have further developments.

Threats, oral or in writing, are classified as crimes once they are made known to the person being threatened. Online harrasment is also punihsable under the Cyber Crime Law. So if ever you have been victimized by these trolls with keyboard courage, you can stand up and send them to jail. It’s about time people realize that just because you are making these comments online, it doesn’t mean you can get away with it.


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