November 10, 2016

8 Things You Do that Annoy Your Driver


Last time, we told you about the 21st century dilemma of rating your driver from your ride-sharing app. This time, we’re looking at you: the passengers who may or may not be making your drivers job a lot harder.

It’s only polite and civilized to observe certain courtesies when booking a ride. He or she is just like you making a living and trying his or her best to keep cool despite the constant, inexplicable traffic. You driver most likely suffers long days, some are part-time drivers who take bookings after their 9 to 5, while others get up at the crack of dawn to get on the road. Being nice is the least you could do especially if you want to create good karma for your next trips or to at least make the next hour or so pleasant for the both you.

If you’re guilty of any of these passenger no-no’s, better stop right now. Everyone will thank you very much.

#1 Making them wait

Most ride-sharing apps instruct their drivers to wait two minutes for you to board the car. Be vigilant and be right at the pick-up point as your car drives up. These two minutes do save a lot of time on the road and make it efficient for the both of you. If you’re still unprepared, cancel immediately or call and try to strike a deal with your driver.

#2 Not indicating how many people are taking the car

This is a safety precaution also for the driver and he or she often appreciates it when you’re honest of how many people will take the ride. Otherwise, you stand to get a lower rating if not a lot of questions from your driver. Also remember that drivers caught going over the capacity of their car can stand to get a ticket.

#3 Being unresponsive

When your driver asks you where to go, it’s often his polite way of introducing a better route other than what Waze is pointing out. Try to listen. Don’t be mum and pretend you didn’t hear anything. Some drivers may know the general direction of your destination but not the specific building or stop, try to communicate that also.

#4 Blaming the traffic on your driver

If your driver already calmly and dutifully explained that he knows a route better than you do, it’s really often for the good. Your driver doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic as much as you do, it’s bad business. The bill on your end may be high but so is your driver’s gas consumption. So if you didn’t do your part and ended up in a traffic jam, don’t start blaming your driving for getting stuck there. They’re just drivers, not superheroes.

#5 Leaving your trash in the car

Do I really need to explain this? It’s gross. Don’t do it because don’t you hate it when others do?

#6 Being rude and noisy

As much as you don’t like their racist or bigoted remarks, sometimes your driver don’t like it either. It’ll create a bad rapport. Be polite as much as you can by saying “Hi” or “Good morning” at the very least. If you’re on the phone or with friends in the ride, use your indoor voice.

#7 Insisting you be dropped off first

When taking a carpooling service, the drivers are monitored to follow the specified route of their apps. Doing otherwise will make their ratings lower. So if you insist on being the first one to be dropped off or getting at a certain place at a specific time, take a private ride. Don’t be the diva in the passenger seat and making everyone else late. And be sure to be nice to your co-passengers too!

#8 Being hard to get

Some roads here in the city are too small even for a regular Vios to drive through and if the drivers force their cars through, they can suffer some damage. If you know this,  try to find a better spot. It will even reduce your waiting time and you don’t have to endure the complaints of your driver all the way long.


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