November 01, 2016

Spot the Who’s Who at Viber Universe: The Halloween Ball



Manila tends to take almost every holiday seriously, so much that we treat Halloween like it’s our sport. It’s the one day of the year where dressing up in the wildest getups to the weekend’s festivities is socially acceptable. May it be to the mall, trick or treating, club hopping, and for the brave, even the cemetery―we’re sure you’ll spot at least one person in an Eleven costume somewhere. Though we’re not quite sure where you were last night, we spotted some of the hottest personalities at Viber Universe: The Halloween Ball.

Joanna Eden, Maxine Medina, Jana Aranilla, Kat De Jesus, Mikki Galang and several others were wearing some of the coolest outfits, while DJ Mars Miranda and Ace Ramos were up on deck. They spun a good mix of hiphop and EDM as the jam-packed crowd danced the night away. A variety of alcohol was available as well, which party-goers loved.

Click on the slideshow above to see who else was at Viber Universe: The Halloween Ball!

Photos by Acushla Obusan

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