October 27, 2016

8 Healthy Alternatives for Your Afternoon Snack Cravings

We believe that even when you follow the right diet for you, there are times you break it because of the munchies. Afternoon snacks and cravings, accompanied by the stress of the midday crunch can justify that bag of Cheetos so quickly.

I also found my justification is founded on how healthier snack alternatives aren’t as accessible as other food items. Boy, I was wrong. Many options aren’t just locally produced but also offer delivery services so you can just sit and wait for them…but wait, shouldn’t you also get off your butt and work out?

Anyway, you get the point. We’ve put together a list of healthy snacks for those afternoon munchies or for your perennial sweet tooth. They won’t make you thinner or are 100 percent approved by your dietitian (ask them about it, always). But, at least, with moderation they aren’t as damaging to the body as sodium-filled chips or full-fat and sugar brownies. Neither are they tasteless cardboard imitations of the real deal. Simply put good snacks that won’t make you feel guilty after.

1. Take Root Vegan Kale Chips

Got the munchies? Just follow the kale trail. #snackwithpurpose @huntandgatherph

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The allure of chips is in the crunch for me and I find a bag of this provides the same satisfaction with cheese goodness (made from hydrogenated yeast!). Not the best for my slight dairy intolerance but at least not at all headache-inducing as a bag of good ol’ potato crisps.

Take Root. Available at Sprout, SaladStop!, and online.

2. Picole Healthy Ice Pops

A college favorite of mine, I love how they taste like pureed fruit without any added sugar. It’s all just the natural sweetness of their ingredients with no gelatin.

Picole Healthy Ice Pops. Available at Rustan’s Fresh. For more information, visit their website.

3. Earth Desserts Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I find this one to be quite filling and energizing. Perfect with some hot coffee or tea for that 3 p.m. break.

Earth Desserts. Available online.

4. Wit’s Spiced Granola

Made with locally sourced Davao chocolate, this unique blend is given crushed pepper flakes and dried mango in the mix. It’s best for idle munching and even boosts your mood with the capsicum and the chocolate.

Wit’s Savrories and Sweets. Available online.

5. Lush Peach Lemonade

Powdered juice and juice blends aren’t to be trusted with their preservatives and artificial sugar content. If you can’t get yourself a juicer at home just yet, have a bottle or two of this in tow. Made from all-natural ingredients, you just really have to stop yourself from drinking too much because they’re quite yummy.

Lush Refreshing Lemonade. Avialable at SM North EDSA.

6. Super Scoops Vegan Ice Cream in Milky Matcha

Our Milky Matcha Super Scoops along with a cold glass of Matcha from @jhezelclamosa 💚🍃

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This egg-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free ice cream is also cholesterol free. What’s left then? Just the delicious goodness of matcha and the sweetness of natural ingredients.

Super Scoops. Available at Robinson’s Selections.

7. Rude Health Buckwheat and Chia Crackers

If you can’t have any grains, try its power friend buckwheat that’s as filling as grains and possess the fiber you need without the sugar kickback.

Rude Health. Available online.

8. Made by Max Plain Almond Butter

Made locally, you can trade this off for regular butter and have something that won’t increase your fat intake and is good for those who are in a vegan or paleo diet.

Made By Max. For orders and inquiries, contact (0922) 888 2299, (0977) 834 8174, or email madebymax@gmail.com. For more information, visit their Facebook page and Instagram account.


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