October 13, 2016

Miss Earth Philippines Apologizes for Hitler Remark

miss earth philippines imelda schweighart

After much social media backlash and criticism, Miss Earth Philippines Imelda Schweighart apologizes for her Hitler remark on a Facebook Live post she did earlier this week. 

Bandera reports on her apology which explains how Imelda’s choice of words comes in context of her upbringing. “Because all my life I was always teased by fellow Filipinos as ‘Hitler’ because they are not well-informed that Hitler was not German. In fact, Hitler was Austrian. So when I saw my fellow delegate, I made a soft joke about it out of my excitement,” says Imelda. She continues, “I am an extremist so forgive me my fellow Filipinos and Duterte supporters if you didn’t understand how I am. I got that idea wherein I said, ‘Duterte is doing Hitler stuff’ from online news, newspapers with headlines saying he is Hitler-like but for the good.” Hmm, Imelda, it doesn’t do good to pass on the blame to others. It’s not necessarily correct just because everyone says it.

Upon posting the Facebook Live post, both Duterte supporters and non-Duterte supporters were quick to point out Imelda’s mistake. The context of Imelda’s intention was lost, of course, as the video and issue went viral.“I was just not able to explain what I really meant further in Facebook Live because my mind was occupied with the other delegates I want to capture on my Facebook Live cover.”

Okay, Imelda, you meant no harm. Still, it’s too bad you had to learn the hard way that certain comments are never politically correct in whatever context. At least you have given an apology. Just try to avoid the comments of the trolls.

As expected, they are relentless and are also why the issue blew up so quickly. When trolls catch on something they can have a feast on, they don’t let go. So think twice before posting anything on social media!


Photo courtesy of Inquirer.net

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