October 10, 2016

Social Media Wasn’t Forgiving of Donald Trump After the Second Presidential Debate

donald trump second #presidentialdebate

While most of us were clocking in some work hours, two people talked about the fate of their country and even the world to millions of viewers. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off once more in the second presidential debate and it has since topped the trending hashtags on Twitter and the searches online worldwide.

Donald didn’t take long before interrupting Hillary, attacking her record in politics and even her husband’s. Hillary perhaps had the biggest smile when she said early on “We can’t keep fact checking Donald Trump” as he went into a tirade of supposed facts against his opponent. Issues like taxes, energy, immigration, the economy, and the war in Syria were covered. But if you’re not up to speed  on what happened, no time to read over the the transcript or if you need a little sympathy over what you just watched, trust social media to keep you in the loop. Throughout the day, people had their own take on the different topics brought up in the debate.

First off was the damning tape which Donald says was just “locker room” talk.

Yeah OK, dude. #debate

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Judd Apatow didn’t need to name who he was referring to in this comment.

When Donald and Hillary struggled to speak over each other, people made fun of it by deciding which song they were doing together.

OMG they are secretly in love…it all makes sense now 😲 A photo posted by Sober-Evolution.com (@soberevolution) on Oct 9, 2016 at 9:00pm PDT

There was also this observation of how Donald would walk around and purposely stand behind Hillary.

As issues about Syria and immigration were tackled, Stephen Colbert was one with the fact checking committee.

Did somebody say Russia?

Whatever you say man. #debates

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But Shonda Rhimes called out how Donald needs a lesson on where African-Americans live.

And don’t get him started on the Muslims.

It’s something when someone as outrageous as Lady Gaga couldn’t believe her ears.

The queen of talk Oprah Winfrey also said this isn’t a reality show like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

So when it came to who won the debate, it wasn’t so much about the two candidates anymore.

And for the thousands of tweets against Donald, at least Piers Morgan is cheering him on.

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