September 28, 2016

Stylist’s Diaries: From Manila to Central Saint Martins with Maita Baello

maita baello celebrity stylist

I’m a little bit sad that this will be the last edition of our Stylist’s Diaries. (At least for this season!) This time, we got to hang out with Maita Baello. She’s one girl who’s bubbly but also hardworking: she started as a marketing associate at a magazine. “But I really wanted to do something fashion-related,” she says as to why she left that job. By luck, fate, or whatever you believe in, Maita soon found herself on a plane to London with Cath Sobrevega. They studied a quick styling course at Central Saint Martins. And everything just breezed by.

“My interview was also my first day. I was just told to bring my styling kit and [good thing I knew what that was]. I ended up helping Ruffa Gutierrez get ready for Star Awards,” she tells us.

We’ve emphasized enough that with styling, it’s all about the speed to get where you’re going. Yes, it’s cutthroat and it can be brutal. But the people who really make it are nice. “What selfie should I post?” Maita kept asking us while we laughed and teased her during the shoot. She tells us, “It’s all about being a good person and making relationships.”

What’s one fashion mistake you swore never to repeat?
Buying shoes that are not my size (half size smaller or bigger).

What’s one shoot you wish you could do again?
We did a shoot for Two Seasons Palawan and it was such a beautiful and calming place to shoot.

One favorite fashion trend from the ’90s?
Denim forever

One thing you could tell new stylists about the industry?
Being a stylist is not easy, it’s not all about glitz and glamour. If you really want to be a stylist, be prepared to sacrifice a lot of your time and put in hard work.

maita baello celebrity stylist

New York or London?

Kendall Jenner: supermodel or influencer?

One style trick you learned from your mentor?
The power of the belt.

Artist whose songs are best played when getting dressed?
Ariana Grande

What do you tell someone who wants to be a stylist but doesn’t know where to start?
The best way is to intern under a stylist. You will learn a lot by being exposed to what a stylist really does and you will also meet people who can help you eventually.

What gets you excited about your job?
That everyday it’s always something new!

One thing you’re trying to improve on as a stylist
I always tell myself, never stop learning. I want to be inspired all the time and learn from what I see, what I hear, books I’ve read, and places I’ve visited.

maita baello stylist celebrity

Favorite local atelier to visit?
House of Laurel because it’s complete from womenswear to menswear and even for kids.

Athleisure or uptown chic?
Uptown chic

How do you take your coffee?
One teaspoon cream, two teaspoons sugar

The best thing you learned about yourself through fashion?
That I am resourceful.


Photos by RG Medestomas
Makeup by Nicole Ceballos for MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Sherwin Mora for Bench FIX Salon
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