August 12, 2016

WATCH: President Rodrigo Duterte Apologizes to Justice Sereno

President Rodrigo Dutere goes on camera to offer a public apology to Chief Justice Sereno for threatening to declare Martial Law if the Supreme Court stops him from taking out the drug lords. “Harsh words were never intended,” says the president.

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno called out Rodrigo Duterte for naming people allegedly involved in the drug cartel without due process. In the apology of the president, he goes on to blame the media for his actions. He says they always demand from him to give names and do good on his promise to rid the country of this drug problem.

And here you thought the president wasn’t capable of a simple apology. But at least it’s something.

Here’s to hoping he takes back the other eyebrow-raising statements he has made, including recently about how beautiful women will never be taken seriously.


Photo courtesy of Cebu Daily News 

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