June 09, 2016

Will Magazines Ever Stop Cropping Plus-Size Women?

Despite the rise of conversations about body positivity in the media, it’s still clear that a lot of people have a problem with plus-size women. The fact that we have to call them “plus-size” is even an issue in itself.

No, we’re not talking about images overtly Photoshopped that would put sculptors to shame. It’s something more subtle but just as damaging. Take the different covers of this month’s Elle which features the lead actresses of the upcoming Ghostbusters remake.

elle ghostbusters

All of the women get a full body cover except for Melissa McCarthy who is just shown from the waist up. This isn’t the first time this has been done to the comedienne.

melissa magazine covers preen

In cases that Melissa gets the full-body treatment, something is always obscuring our view of her waist.

magazines melissa mccarthy

But it gets worse as Melissa isn’t the only celebrity who has received this kind of cropping.

plus-size women preen

From Adele to Queen Latifah, no one is spared. As one Twitter user pointed out about this editing trick against plus-size women, “When will anyone ever learn?”




Photos courtesy of Mic

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