March 02, 2016

Why Does Solenn Heussaff Find Snapchat Annoying?

It’s hard to keep up with Solenn nowadays. One minute, she’s out-of-town taping even on a holiday, the next she’s handing out dating advice while endorsing a new product. Just today, she was launched as the first Filipina ambassador of L’Oreal  We’ve already told you how there is a formula to be just like her, and yet somehow we just can’t keep up.

In the middle of everything that’s been going on, she keeps coming up with something new. Just recently she released Sos by Solenn, a line of perfumes and body creams. At the launch, we managed to snatch five minutes of her time to quickly catch up on different things that make her tick.

What is one thing you recently discovered about your fiancé?
He’s patient. He didn’t used to be as patient [as he is now]. I think it’s because he [understands] the whole industry [now]. Na stre-stress siya dati when there were a lot of people around me. Now,  he even gets the [smartphone] of the fan and encourages them to take a picture [of me].

What is the best love advice you’ve received ever?
Love yourself before [loving] anyone else.

Who is the funniest person you know?
Belle Daza. Funny siya in a crude kind of way. She’s very blunt and very crass. Sometimes hurtful, but tama naman siya.

Which lipstick is your favorite at the moment?
I love the J. Lo lipstick for L’Oreal because it’s a nude color.

Which international celebrity do you think would be your best friend?
I think Adele. I’ve been recently looking at her interviews and she’s just so funny and medyo bastos din na funny—very real na tao.

Do you have a Snapchat account? 
Yes. But I plan to remove it. I find it super annoying. I find it makes people dumber because you are on your phone more.

Which song would you play if you’re going through a tough time?
Ako, gusto ko yung “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”  It’s more about heartbreak, but it also [tells you that you have to] move on; tama na yung reminiscing.

What is your favorite show right now?
Empire.  Na-download ko sa iPad ko. I like [how it helps me] discover new songs. It’s easy to watch, not so [challenging because] when you’re tired you don’t want something so complicated.

What laws would you enforce first if ever you were President?
Anti-corruption, first. Second, free education for all. Third would be putting trash cans every 10 meters along the streets so people would learn how and where to throw their trash.

Which city would you want to live in for the rest of your life?
Oooh, good question. I think Sydney. I could live there because may beach and may city din but it’s still relaxed and super hectic. I love Paris, but it can be stressful. I think Sydney is a good mix.

Who was the last person you texted?
My dad. I asked him where he was and I told him that he was late [for the launch].

If you had 24 hours to do anything you want, what would you do?
[I would] travel to another country or to the beach. I think the beach is better so at least I would fly for one and a half hours and then come back easily.

Which movie do you wish you’d starred in?
American History X with Edward Norton. I would play his sister. I wouldn’t think I would be able to act in front of Edward pero favorite movie ko yun.

What is your favorite dessert?
I like churros. I like also puto bumbong.

What is one thing you’d really like to accomplish this year?
Identify myself as a brand. I want to be known as a multi-[hyphenate]. I want Sos to be a brand. I want to be all around and everywhere.


Photo by Chola Tolentino

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