August 14, 2015

Bartender–Approved Drinks for Your #Goals and #Fitspo Success

It’s a Friday night once again and the week has most likely given you something to celebrate or something to mull over. Given the force by which Instagram, retweets, and #goals have changed the way we look at life, our reasons to drink have also turned to a particular taste. So maybe tonight you’re looking for that specific spirit that represents what you’ve accomplished or a companion to that problem no one seems to understand. Yet, given the different bars in the metro and the different innovations brought to cocktails nowadays, you still can’t seem to find the one.

Well, here at Preen, we hear you and we get how the usual drinks don’t really quite satisfy that thirst.  We dropped by Hooch, a bar where specialty drinks are made every week, and consulted bartender Billy Gorma on what he can recommend. Here are five drinks we think will be a good accomplice or confidant for what you are going through


Situation: Completing that #fitspo challenge
Drink:  Hooch Side


You did something only some of us have only started on doing. You’ve leveled up when it comes to your training, or you’ve attained your desired weight. Or well, you’ve  summoned the will to wake up in the morning for a brisk walk in the park. Give yourself a pat on the back with this refreshing drink, the Hooch Side. Made with vodka, sour apple liqueur, Edelweiss syrup, and slices of lemon and lime, plus a cherry, it won’t make much of a dent on your calorie quota. Served upside down, you’ll feel like you’ve really turned things around.


Situation: Getting chewed out by your boss
Drink: 33 Wrong Island

33 wrong island preen

We’ve all been there. A lot of things just didn’t go your way and on top of that, your boss called you out on your poor performance. Your spirits are a little dampened, and you’re reviewing what went wrong on repeat in your head. Listen, it’s time to forget that even just for a little. 33 Wrong Island is a drink for someone who can take vodka, gin, triple sec, tequila, and cognac in one strong drink. Tempered out with orange juice, lemon juice, and Coca-Cola, it will pack quite a punch. Not that we’re advising you to get smashed but with this drink, you’ll knock out the negative vibes, and get ready for the weekend.


Situation:  Getting a successful date
Drink:  Dark & Stormy

dark & stormy preen

It’s ironic that successful matches and dates are hard to come by in the age of Tinder. However, you somehow accomplished the impossible and had a good night out with that man or woman you’ve been eyeing for months. As you tell your friends of your incredible feat, drink up a Dark & Stormy. This drink is both comforting and uplifting despite its name and even if its made with ginger and ginger beer.  You won’t be getting much of the bitterness from notorious spice as it’s balanced out by ginger syrup and lime juice. Served in a mason jar, it’s perfect to raise and call for a toast.


Situation:  Getting 1k followers on Instagram
Drink: Margarita

margarita preen
Admit it.  Having a solid following on Instagram says something about your phone-photography skills. It’s the world’s way of saying you’ve got taste and a certain amount of influence. You have to give yourself a little credit  with that classic celebratory drink, a margarita. A bittersweet concoction of lime, tequila, cointreau, lime juice, and orange juice, this drink will get you in the mood to share the good karma you’ve received.

Situation: Breaking up with your partner
Drink: The Provocateur

the provocateur preen

Just like that ex-lover you can’t quite figure out, The Provocateur is an intriguing drink. It’s both spicy and sweet, rich and refreshing. The base spirit is a vodka that’s been infused with orange, cinnamon, and red pepper. The vodka is then shaken with a fresh egg for texture, sour apple liqueur, sour apple juice, and cinnamon syrup, then drained into the glass and served with cinnamon and cayenne pepper on top. You’ll spend the whole night figuring out what it really tastes like and enjoying the different notes it gives off as you drain the glass. Luckily, this one is a better riddle to solve than that former flame that kept you hanging.



Hooch.  G/F, V Corporate Tower, 125 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.  For reservations, call (0927) 905-4118.



Photos by Javier Lobregat

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